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We Specalise in :-

Soft Round Leather Show Sets suitable for many Breeds such as :-

Whippets, Cocker Spaniels, Terriers, Chinese Crested, Pugs, Papillions, Chihuahuas and many more.

Soft Leather and Lamb Skin, Slides and Show Sets.
Braided Kangaroo Slides and Show Sets.
Round Leather Show Sets and Leads.

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All items are made to order and the delivery time ranges from 7 to 14 days.
Orders can be securely paid for using PayPal or by calling us on 01430 879072.
Our postage rates are as follows, International is £7.50 and United Kingdom is £3.50, which is added to your order on checkout.

How To Measure

How to measure for your Show Set or Half Check.

Place a soft tape measure up behind the ears and take a firm measurement. This is the neck size to order, the chain will drop open between 3 and 4 inches to allow the collar to go over the head and drop to the base of the neck.